RV Skirt Color Options

Choose a color option that matches your RV or camper best!

Black RV Skirting Swatch
Dark Brown RV Skirt Color
Dark Brown
Taupe RV Skirt Color

Temporarily Unavailable

Light Grey RV Skirting Swatch
Light Grey
Charcoal RV Skirt Color

High-quality material, available in 5 color options

Our YouTube Channel showcases many of the RV skirting installations we’ve done. Check out all the colors in action!

Our RV Skirts include customized features to make your life easier!


We install a large adjustable zipper(s) so the sewer hose can go through the skirt and be zipped closed around the hose without removing the skirt.

Door Steps

Custom fit around your door steps. We use Velcro for a snug fit that keeps the weather out. NOTE: If you’re using a deck you can close them off.

Easy Access to Your basement

We normally go under basement doors for easy access, if not we will make a drop down flap with Velcro on it so you can still get in and get what you want.

Custom Generator Outlet

We include a custom outlet for generators so they can work with the skirt on. For safety, we do suggest putting a longer pipe over the exhaust to to get it out beyond the skirt in windy conditions.


Slide-out corners have 2 extra layers of wear pads for protection, and velcro to hold it in close around the outer edge. We use snaps on the sides of the slideout so there’s nothing in the way as you move your slideout in and out.

Fifth Wheel Area

Fifth wheel area skirts are made into 3 pieces with zippers at the corners so you can open them like a small door a large door or take off one side and bring in a 4-wheeler or a still.


To prevent your hitch from being a conduit for the cold we cover it with more material and a pleat, or we make a hitch box if it sticks out too far.

Uneven Ground

No worries! Our RV skirts include up to 12″ more material at the bottom to cover uneven areas or RV Parks.

Securing Your Skirt

Our RV skirts are sewn with a 5” pocket on the bottom edge to accommodate a PVC pipe. This gives the skirt some structure and aids in holding it down. We also include a nail down strap every 3’ and 8” nails for you to stake down your skirt.

Color Options

We have a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. Head over to our RV Skirt Color Options page to select the one that’s right for your RV.


The average skirt with everything weighs about 120-140 lbs complete.

Storage Dimensions

The average skirt can be folded to about 3′ x 3′ x 1′ tall