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Oct 25, 2013 Black Redwood Full RV Skirts

Warm toes tonight!

Check out those Black Turnbuttons! How many RV skirts have you seen with these? Yes, they cost a bit more but it sure makes your RV look Awesome doesn't it. We will always try to make your skirts the best available on the market. Lots of storage under the 5th wheel area too. This customer brought the RV to us for 2 days and WOW... they are ready for winter wherever they may go. If it is extremely cold where you will be parking your RV you can always pick up a small ceramic heater to put under the skirt near your water area, quite a few customers have let us know this works well.

The PVC pipe you see along the skirt is going in the bottom pocket of the skirt. This skirt was made into 9 pieces so it is easy to get under the RV at any location or when you are folding it up and moving you are not dealing with sixty foot long pieces. Tonight this customer will mot have to wear slippers to keep warm.