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Nov 06, 2013 Charcoal Full RV Skirts Highland Ridge

Hide your Scooby Snacks and be warm now

Keep your Scooby snacks out of site under your skirt, HA! You know our skirts will keep you warmer too. An Open Range always looks good in Charcoal Skirting. Once again we covered the bumper with a pleat and extra material, this will keep the RV warmer since the metal is inside the skirt. The fifth wheel part has zippers at the corners for easy access under the "garage" to all the things you might have stored out of sight.

On this skirt we made a box to cover the hitch, it will keep it warmer and you can still use a stand on the hitch. Anytime you cover up metal on an RV and protect it from the cold it will help keep you warmer. We were able to nail down a lot of the skirt at this park but some on the cement would need sandbags for high winds.

We also put adjustable zippers for the sewer and water hoses. This is the ticket for RV parks with sewers at different heights and locations.