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Dec 16, 2013 Burgundy Full RV Skirts Keystone

Get your skirt on!

Too many skirtless RV's out there in the cold nowadays. This Laredo looks good in our Burgundy Skirting at Greeley RV Park in Greeley Colorado. It is all nailed in place and ready for winter. The customer will definitely notice the savings on propane and the warm floors. We make all our skirts into multiple pieces so it is easy to access under the RV or the storage area or "Garage" on 5th wheels and so when you are moving to another location you are not dealing with a 60 foot piece of skirting.

We were able to cover the bumper of this Laredo with a pleat in the skirt, this keeps the metal warmer and in turn it will keep the owner warmer. I always say metal on an RV in the cold is like a tongue sticking out soaking up the cold. We also cover the hitch, there is 4 extra layers of material over it to protect from wear and tear or sharp edges poking through.

The Slide-out corners also have 2 layers of extra protection. We also use Velcro and wrap it around the slide-out corners to keep the skirt tight and the heat in.