Fit-N-Ship RV Skirts

This is for people who have only a couple of hours and are headed somewhere fast. Stop in For a Quick Fit-N-Ship Skirting. We’ll fit your RV for a skirt with the color material you request, pin it, sew it, pop all the turn-buttons and snaps in, and ship it out to you in a few days. Once it arrives just finish putting the rest of the turn buttons and snaps on, and zip it together.

We fit your actual skirt pieces, in the color you want, to your RV, and make all the needed marks and measurements. This takes about 2-3 hours, after which you can head on your way. We’ll finish pinning and sewing the skirt, and put in all the turn-buttons and snaps. When it’s complete we’ll ship it to you with all the hardware you’ll need to install it on your RV.

We leave 2 turn-buttons on your RV for each section of the skirt. When you get your skirt in the mail you just hang each section on the already installed starter turn-buttons, hold it up straight and level, and mark where the rest of the turn-buttons should go on the RV. If you have a helper you should be able to install your new skirt in about 3 hours.

Custom RV Skirts Shipped Direct To You

The average 5th wheel skirt is made into 7 to 11 pieces to make packing and moving simpler, and to give you easy access under your RV. We include storage bags for the skirt, and nails to nail down the skirt. All you need to pick up are some 1-1/4” PVC pipe for the bottom pocket.

Skirts are shipped via UPS with the tracking number emailed to you.

Basic RV Skirt Installation Instructions

Step 1

Hang each skirt panel on the turn buttons that were installed during the fitting process and zip them together.

Step 2

Have one person hold the skirt panel flush against the RV while another person marks each turn button hole with a pencil.

Step 3

Unfasten panels from the RV.

Step 4

Match up the turn buttons with the pencil marks and screw each one in with a hand drill.

Step 5

Rinse and repeat!