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General Questions

Will skirting hurt my RV?

RV Skirts are not kind to RV’s we have to put ALOT of turn buttons on your RV. It can scratch your RV. If you don’t nail the skirt down or use sand bags it can beat your RV.

I changed my mind and don’t want a skirt but I made an appointment!

No problem, just call text or email us and let us know.

Why do motorhomes cost more?

Motorhomes are taller, people usually want access to all the storage doors (as many as 14), and want the skirt in a lot of pieces to make wheel covers and more or want the skirt not to hang on the outside or something. Then the installation is way different than a 5th wheel. Yes, we will still do a motorhome skirting but we normally do them at our location only, and in the Spring and Summer.

You used to answer the phone all the time now it’s later before you answer

We can stop sewing and pounding the turnbuttons to answer the phone or we can just keep on working! In today’s age of phones, text us or email us, but before you do look at the website and our videos on YouTube! All the answers you may have are on our website. By the way… let us know who you are, where you are and what you have and when will you be coming to visit us.

When is the best time to get a skirt?

We can make a skirt anytime, we make them all year long! February to June are the best times for the quickest skirt, it is our slower time. From July 1st to February 1st EVERYONE wants a skirt and wants it now. Stop in Wellington, Colorado for a couple of days or we can come to your location locally. You can even stop in for a couple of hours at our location for a Fit-N-Ship Skirt, with an appointment.

I had an upholstery guy make a skirt for me and it was terrible, can you fix it?

We feel people should specialize in a field, we don’t do upholstery, we make skirting. Many different people think they can make skirting. We can try to make your skirt that you bought elsewhere a little better, we usually do this in the Spring and Summer, if you are shipping it to us please clean it first.

Who makes the best RV Skirting?

I would hope it is us, we try to put alot of extras into our skirts, more than any other canvas shop that says they make skirting. Our skirts have been deigned over 23 years with customer input and with our strap system and pads our skirts are extremely strong. We are a small family business and try to make you and your RV look good. We also strive to be the best in Customer Service. Our Family name is on each one of our skirts!

Tough And Rugged RV Skirting Since 1994!

Your skirts appear to be a bit loose fitting, why?

We don’t make our skirts super tight, they need to be a bit loose-especially when the ends connect with zippers. Skirting material can shrink and stretch depending on the weather. You might want a bit of airflow even in the winter or under your RV could end up smelling like a wet basement, this is why we don’t use the awning rail system for skirting.

What will you skirt, I live in a semi trailer for long periods of time?

We have skirted A LOT of things, semi trailers, office trailers, Bathroom Trailers,, pump trailers, park models, a mobile bank, a log home, a Yurt, on the small end, trailers as small as 13′, truck campers, tent trailers and we are open to more!

How many pieces will my skirt be in?

A small pull trailer with 1 slide might have 5 pieces, a 5th wheel with 2 slides would have 8 pieces, most skirts are 5 to 11 pieces.

When should I get a skirt?

If it is August you had better order as soon as possible if the idea of being warm this winter is an appealing thought. We are busy in the summer with people thinking ahead and those that we could not get to this last winter.

Why should I get an RV skirt?

Energy saving –Propane, our customers tell us they save at least 50% on propane bills. Keeps critters out, covers tires, stops from pipe freezing. More storage, keeps RV Park owners happy with less clutter. Could it hold down your RV in high winds?

You just did a “fitting for my skirt and there are not many turnbuttons on my RV.

We did the “fitting” and we leave a couple of turnbuttons for each part, when we return with the finished skirt we will put all the turnbuttons and snaps on the RV, it is easier to do when the skirt is completed. We would not just put a few turnbuttons on your RV to hold on a skirt… turnbuttons are every 12″

Questions about Skirt Features

Do you cover cabinet doors?

We go low under cabinet doors to give you easy access to your storage and cabinet doors are not as strong as the RV or the fiberglass to hold up to turnbutton usage.

Is there access under my 5th Wheel?

YES! We normally make the front part of the skirt into 3 parts with zippers at the corners, easy to get in and use the area, also easy to pack it up and move. How often are the turn-buttons or snaps? The turn-buttons are every 12″, snaps are every 9″. We prefer turn-buttons but will use snaps or Velcro if you request.

Why are there snaps on the ends of my slide-out and under my door?

The slide-out might not go in and out with turn-buttons on the ends. Snaps are put under the door area so you do not trip or catch your foot on them.

What about my Generator exhaust?

We suggest putting a little larger and longer pipe onto the existing generator pipe, put it on with a couple of set screws, this will get it outside the skirt and no damage.  We put in a Velcro drop down door for you.

My side cabinet doors are very low how do I get access?

We put the skirt under your storage doors. The doors are not as strong as the actual RV and might not hold turnbuttons very well, and it would be harder to get into the storage.  

What does the sewer access look like?

We put in a double-headed zipper for your sewer or sewers so the hose can come out through the skirt and hook up. We make these zippers Vertical or Horizontal depending on your set up. If your sewer valves are below the skirt we also make a zipper access to those. A double headed zipper closes around the sewer.

I’m not sure I like the way you make your skirt, will you make it my way?

Certainly, as long as you like our style of skirting we are good!  We have made the skirting the same way since 1994 and it seems to work out great. 

Questions about Skirt Materials

What kind of hardware is included?

Yes all skirts have all the hardware needed to hang the skirts, only the Local Custom Skirting comes PVC pipe. All skirts get the storage bags and nails to nail it down.

I’ve heard plastic zippers break do you use them?

Our zippers are YKK Marinemate #10, the largest they make, nylon zippers with a Metal zipper pull, most things on a zipper that breaks is the pull, ours are metal, they do not usually break. If they do we can get new zipper heads. We are happy to make your skirt with Velcro if you would like.

Why use turn-buttons rather than snaps or Velcro?

Turn-buttons are put on with 2 screws 1-1/4″ apart, it makes them very stable, even when used on very light metal on an RV. They turn and you are done, no pulling and tugging or pushing hard to get the skirt on.

Why not use wood or Styrofoam?

Actually wood might have better insulation value, but how long does it take to put up wood or Styrofoam? now to take it apart and move, AND haul it with you or buy new materials when you get to the next place, how many hours involved? Our skirting is designed to put up and take down in an hour after the first installation. It is also designed for uneven locations, and it packs away smaller and is lighter.

Are your turnbuttons stainless steel?

Our turnbuttons are Nickel plated brass, any skirting place telling you they use stainless steel turnbuttons might want to check on their source and description. They might not be very well informed on the product they sell. Turnbuttons are called common sense fasteners, toggles… you name it. But they are usually Nickel plated brass. We are the only place that offers Black Turnbuttons.

Do you make insulated skirts? Do I need one?

We are really not interested in making insulated skirting, figure double the pricing, ours has worked great so far. We have had customers in -40 weather and have not frozen up, and have a $40 ceramic heater from home depot under the RV just in case. An insulated skirt also takes up A LOT more room when you move.  You can check with Kimbers Creations in Canada for an insulated skirting.

Your skirt is not insulated, will you make an insulated skirt?

Our skirts are all over the world with no insulation, North Dakota, Canada and Europe, we have been told of customers in -40 with the wind chill and not froze up.  We suggest a small heater under the RV to help. We really don’t specialize in insulated skirting.

Questions about Traveling

Do you travel to make RV skirts?

We do skirting year-round here in Wellington, Colorado.

We do go into Wyoming and other local states as we can. Travel charges will be added. We give exact pricing up front. 

What are the travel charges?

Our travel charges are approximately $1.00 per mile for the two trips we need to do. We also try to do a couple of jobs per trip to keep costs down.  They would need to cover fuel, lodging, travel pay for each member truck costs and incentive to travel.

Questions About Money, Payments, Discounts & Refunds

Do you warranty your skirts?

On skirting there are no actual guarantees, it is basically Semi Truck Tarp Material that we are using to wrap your RV for the past 21 years. We do take care of our customers if they have a problem that is something they did or we did. We also make our skirting pretty much the strongest and most protected possible.

Just ship is the skirt piece for a repair, please include return shipping. You can also get the HH-66 glue on Amazon.com for a small repair or holes

Do you take checks?

Certainly, it might take a few days more to ship out your skirt, we do like to make sure the check clears before we ship out the skirt. We also deal with many banks so you can also do ACH. We understand not everyone likes credit or debit cards, to these we add 3%.

Do you take payments?

We tried it and it didn’t go so well, we are happy to get a deposit when we start your skirt then the rest when we install it or ship it if that will help you out at all. We do accept PAYPAL, they will let you do payments on your account.

After ordering the skirt I find I don’t need it, do you give refunds?

The basic answer is no. Your skirt is custom-made for your RV. We can help you sell it but there are no refunds.